About Us

Kullion Technology is a software development company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our main business is to develop software products for cryptocurrency, and to design and/or develop websites and apps. Our team comprises first class software engineers and fintech innovators who are driven to solve the most pressing challenges facing the financial industry. The team is committed to furthering development and implementation of new technologies, to promote their adoption worldwide, and to increase the net-benefit impact of this technology.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create digital products that meet the evolving needs of users. For the moment, cryptocurrency is booming and we aim to enable as many people as possible to start their own currencies, and enable as many investors as possible to get involved.

Our Values

Kullion Technology is guided by the following values in all our business dealings with clients and within the company.
Innovation We keep track of technological developments and leverage on it to create value and positive impact with our powerful solutions.
Integrity Security comes first. We aim to protect our customers, their data, and their customers’ data. We remain transparent and communicate honestly with our customers and with each other.
Empowerment We view ongoing technological developments as a way to empower new businesses. That is why we create software products that help entrepreneurs to launch new businesses and help them to solve their problems.
Execution Excellence We are hyper-responsive to our customers’ challenges. In everything that we create, whether it’s software, an app, or a website, we focus on the work on hand, test everything, validate, and measure until we are satisfied that we are delivering quality.

Leveraging on Emerging Technology

Kullion Technology keeps track of emerging technologies in order to deliver forward-thinking solutions. We keep up to date with, and we utilize:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), including AI-based algorithms, machine learning, deep learning (to automate any operation), and Big Data for fail-safe decision making.
  • Internet of Things (IoT), for you to continuously monitor your operations in a secure well-built infrastructure.
  • Blockchain, to automate key operations, secure business data, create a blockchain-based marketplace, etc.
  • Cloud Computing. You can leverage on our expertise in apps to move your mobile strategy to the cloud.
  • Big Data – brings scalability, in order to enhance your business intelligence, to analyse your data in a reliable way, and to help your employees to visualize and understand your customers’ preferences and market trends.
  • Augmented Reality – to help you cut costs and elevate the efficiency of your operations.

About the Founder

Kullion Technology was founded by Chichi Kingsley, who also works as its Chief Executive Officer. He has a computer science degree and 4 years financial market trading experience. He is backed by an interdisciplinary team full of big ideas.